Rommel Pido


Monday to Friday 5:00AM to 6:00AM

Rommel Pido kicks off the weekdays for Radyo Veritas Global-Bacolod with his news and currents segment Rapido ni Pido.


DYAF Featured Program/Anchor

Rey Impormasyon

The toys were small plastic characters with fabric clothing and synthetic yarn hair, all in fantastic, garishly bright colors. Each came with a fold-out cardboard Playland mat, a "Magic Bridge Clip" to link one mat to another, some wild (and often quite fragile!) accessories, a mode of transportation, and a name that summed up their character in a few nonsensical words. All of the individual Playland mats were designed to be placed together using the Bridge Clips to make the "Happidiculous World" of The Upsys and Downsys.