Dyaf Radyo Veritas Global Bacolod 1143khz

Brief History of RADIO VERITAS DYAF-AM 1143 KHz

One of the programs that the late Bishop Antonio Fortich initiated for the diocese was the Visayan Educational Radio and Television Association (VERTA). It consisted of a Television (DYAF – Magnitude 10)and DYAF Radio stations that broadcast educational programs. It started its operation in 1969 and was ordered closed upon the declaration of Martial Law in 1972.

The Diocese of Bacolod was among the first Dioceses to undertake this task since the Vatican Council II acknowledged the importance of communications media in the work of the Catholic Church.

Not only was VERTA into production of educational programs, it was also involved in the distribution of television sets in the haciendas and barrios centers where the poor congregate for their education and entertainment at night.

The very short life of VERTA suddenly ended with the declaration of Martial Law in September 1972. Both TV and Radio Stations were closed, ending the dreams of educating and forming the masses in Christian values through TV media.

In 1975, with the help of the Recoletos and the NFSP, Magnitude 10 was reopened and UNO-Recoletos was the site of the Magnitude 10. DYAF Radio was not reopened due to the need of new broadcast and production equipment that the Diocese could not afford to purchase.

Magnitude 10 TV was closed in 1984 due to lack of funds needed to upgrade its facilities.

After the EDSA People Revolution in 1986, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines, through the late Fr. James Reuter, S. J., President of the Federation of Catholic Broadcasters and Executive Secretary of the CBCP Mass Media Commission, facilitated the acquisition of radio transmitters by several Dioceses in the Philippines. The Diocese of Bacolod was one of the grantees of the radio transmitter.

The new DYAF –Radio Veritas 1143 KHZ was blessed and formally opened on December 19, 1992.

Since then, DYAF Radio Veritas Bacolod 1143KHZ struggled to survive in the world of more powerful radio stations and networks. And after many years, DYAF has finally put itself among the top three radio stations in Bacolod City.

It is a member of the Catholic Media Network and together with the more 50 member stations, DYAF – Radio Veritas – Bacolod commits itself to the TRUTH.


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