Chona Gosiaoco


Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 10:30AM

Chona Gosiaoco is a graduate of B.S. Mass Communication and holds a masters degree in Public Administration.

Other Media Affiliations: 

Nergos Press Club
KBP-Negros Chapter

DYAF Featured Program/Anchor

Tatak Negrense

Welcome TATAK NEGRENSE to your homes. Featuring the best in Negros life and lifestyle. Showing the serene yet exciting landscape of sugarlandia and its captivating cuisine. Showcasing the rich Negrense history and culture. Highlighting the uniqueness and beauty of Negrense arts and crafts.

Focusing on the life and invaluable contribution of Negrense heroes and leaders, shakers and movers who shape and define the province’s path towards growth and development